Customer Care

Creating Customers for Life

We realize that within each customer contact lies the opportunity to make a connection. Through our Customer Care Solutions, Alorica offers a variety of services to help you boost customer acquisition and retention, grow brand favorability, and create customers for life.

Alorica’s customer lifecycle solutions approach is designed to enrich the customer experience across multiple touch points, helping you build long-term loyalty and a reputation for service excellence.

Alorica’s Inbound and Outbound Customer Care Solutions include:

  • Crisis/rapid response information lines
  • Complaint handling
  • Welcome calls
  • Customer win-back/reactivation
  • Receivables management
  • Multi-channel services
  • Online support — email management and live chat
  • Proactive account management

Opportunity Created – Results Delivered

Just weeks following an accelerated launch of a healthcare benefits campaign, we enrolled over 40,000 new benefit members and were supporting volumes much higher than expected through our flexibility to immediately staff a bilingual, dual-site solution.

Decreased a major U.S. airline’s contact center costs by over 40% while also achieving a 66% reduction in email response time from 72 to 24 hours, while exceeding customer satisfaction scores.

Through our business process outsourcing methods, our inbound/outbound customer care clients have experienced:

  • Enhanced brand loyalty
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Access to skilled customer care agents with industry-specific experience
  • Flexible staffing options to handle high, low, and seasonal call volumes
  • Expanded growth potential
  • Multi-language support
  • Strategic partnerships in designing customized solutions
  • Access to advanced technologies

Clients that trust us with their customer care include Fortune 500: 

Wireless carriers, Financial services institutions, Consumer goods clients, Media and entertainment providers, Retailers

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