Fullfillment Solutions

Accelerate Your Performance across the Customer Life Cycle 

Alorica’s Fulfillment Services support your business during each phase of the customer life cycle, from prospecting to retention. Our flexible Business Process Outsourcing Solutions can be modified to fit your changing needs as your business grows and evolves and is fully integrated into our customer management experience solutions.

  • Target: Alorica helps you identify new business leads and engage them with personalized, action-oriented communications that generate response.

Fulfillment Services: call-to-action notices, customer satisfaction surveys, partner promotions and more. 

  • Acquire: Alorica assists you in turning prospects into paying customers, from contract processing to product order fulfillment.

Fulfillment Services: event reservations, customer coupon FF-bar coding, order processing, partner promotions, sweepstakes and more. 

  • Develop: Alorica builds strong, enduring connections with your customers by presenting them with the right message, products and services at the right time.

Fulfillment Services: event reservations, customer coupon, order processing, subscription/renewal reminders, claims processing, product replacement processing and more.

  • Grow & Retain: Alorica helps you generate more sales for your business while maintaining customer loyalty.

Fulfillment Services: event reservations, order processing, partner promotions, sweepstakes, imaging, white mail response and more.  

Opportunities Created - Results Delivered

Alorica’s integrated inbound and outbound customer care and fulfillment solutions, delivered high impact customer satisfaction by maintaining an average agent quality score 95.7% while handling tens of millions of customer interactions.

By streamlining processing roles and integrating end-to-end services within a single business process, we improved a healthcare client’s member experience by increasing first call resolution rate by 14.5% and reduced processing handling time by 12%.

Through our business process outsourcing methods, our Fulfillment Solutions clients have experienced:

  • Reduced overall operating costs
  • Ability to their turn fixed costs into variable costs
  • More time to concentrate on growing their business 
  • Reduced business risks

Clients that trust us with their fulfillment needs include Fortune 500:  

Education organizations, Fast food restaurants, Health Care providers, Media and entertainment companies, Sports associations, Technology companies

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