Engagement Models

We Are Flexible and Adaptable to Meet Your Business Needs 

Alorica’s flexible business model allows us to tailor our service methods to best meet the needs of our clients — that means you! We will work closely with you to customize a solution that best serves your business, bringing together the best people, processes, technology, and business models. Your success is our clear aim and focus.

Our engagement models are:

  • Dedicated Facility: We will build (often to client specifications) an entire site dedicated to a single client.
  • On-Site Services: We can work from and deliver service directly from your facility.
  • Rebadge: We can transition your facility, infrastructure, personnel and operations.
  • Shared Facility: We can provide a dedicated staff and area for each client (this can occur with multiple non-competing clients in a single Alorica site).
  • Home Agent Programs: We can deploy home-based professionals to supplement center programs.
  • Seasonal Programs: We can leverage our vast infrastructure to quickly ramp for your short-term programs or emergencies.
  • Build Operate Transfer (BOT): We will custom build a service operation with eventual hand off to you.